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The Upstate of South Carolina's Hidden Gems

Posted by Kate Dabbs on November 08, 2023 in  uncategorized
When people think of Upstate South Carolina, Greenville often steals the spotlight as the most popular and well-known city. After all, Greenville has remained at the top of many travel and tourist lists in recent years. However, the surrounding towns offer a unique appeal and affordability that make them attractive alternatives for those seeking a quieter or more cost-effective alternative. In fact, many smaller towns surrounding Greenville boast their own special downtowns, established neighborhoods, great schools... read more
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The holiday season is a time for joy, togetherness, and creating lasting memories with your loved ones. One of the best ways to embrace the spirit of the holidays is by taking some simple steps to make your home fit the season. By adding thoughtful touches, a few decorations, and creating a welcoming atmosphere, you’ll be surprised by how your home transforms. Simply focusing on the five senses is the best place to start when it comes to transforming your home for the holidays. There is often great debate be... read more
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As the days grow shorter and the winter chill begins to set in, the end of daylight saving time can feel like a double whammy. It's a challenge many of us face when we turn the clocks back, and the darkness seems to creep in earlier each day. However, there are several ways to embrace the change and make the most of your time during winter daylight savings.  Embrace a Morning Routine One of the most challenging aspects of daylight saving in winter is waking up in the dark. To counter this, establish a mornin... read more
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Is a Historic Home Right For You?

Posted by Kate Dabbs on November 07, 2023 in  uncategorized
There's a certain magic to embracing a piece of the past, especially when you get to call it home. Owning a historic house is less appealing to some, but it’s hard to deny the charm and character that come with an older home. Perhaps you’re on the hunt for a historic house, or maybe you’re trying to decide if you should buy old or look for something new.  In the United States, the distinction of a historic home is not merely based on its age, but on its connection to history. The National Pa... read more
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Marchant Real Estate Celebrates 30 Years in Business

The independent, boutique brokerage is poised for its next three decades
Posted by Kate Dabbs on October 25, 2023 in  uncategorized
Marchant Real Estate is celebrating three decades in business and came together on Thursday, October 19, for a special evening of commemoration. Since its founding in 1993, Marchant Company has been a beacon of integrity and excellence in the Greenville real estate market. Seabrook Marchant founded the company after working for another real estate company for 25 years. At the time, he saw an underserved need for new home sales and opportunity for a non-franchised, locally owned real estate business.  For thes... read more
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